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Using technology as a tool to solve business challenges

We do more than just sell technology – we combine IT and small business consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to solve your real business challenges.

The world of technology is incredibly complex and rapidly changing.Without the right experience, you can end up with advice that will hold your business back rather than help drive it forward.Therefore choosing a consultant who is more than just an IT technician
with a different title is critical. When you look at the skills, background and knowledge of your IT advisor they should have a proven track record of delivering at scale, so you reap the business benefit.

Why choose Yem PolyTechnics?

With IT Consulting from Yem PolyTechnics, you can expect

Best in Class Solutions
Based on known technology standards and proven vendors.

End to End Service
Ability to execute from start to finish with complete coverage and support.

Cloud Computing

Dependable cloud computing solutions that fit your business’s budget and needs

Cloud computing is a popular solution for businesses of all sizes. Cloud computing uses remote servers on the internet, based in “the cloud” to manage and store business data, rather than using an on-site storage solution.

By using an experienced IT provider to manage your cloud computing, you can rest assured that your data and documents are securely backed up and hosted in the cloud.

Think the power of cloud computing is out of reach for your business? Think again.

No matter what the size of your organisation, Microsoft Office 365 solutions from Yem PolyTechnics allow you to enjoy the benefits of dependable cloud computing solutions in order to increase efficiency and free up company resources – all for a price that fits your business and your budget.

By combining online versions of the most powerful business tools from Microsoft, you can cost-effectively enhance communications and inspire collaboration within your office.

Microsoft Office 365 gives your business the power of cloud productivity, allowing you to save time, money and free up valued company resources.

This solution combines the Office desktop suite you’re already familiar with and cloud-based versions of next-generation communications and collaboration solutions, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.

Microsoft Office 365 gives your business the power to combine your existing Office desktop suite with these next-generation technologies:

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Office Professional Plus

Get more out of the Microsoft suite applications you’re already familiar with.

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Exchange online

Optimise your business email with simple cloud computing solutions.

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SharePoint online

Inspire collaboration to increase your team’s productivity and your bottom line.

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Lync online

Reduce your carbon footprint and stay connected from anywhere with online communications.


IT Infrastructure

Have technology solve your business problems

Need to set up a new wireless network to enable your employees to work away from their desks? Want to revamp your customer database as you plan to speed up growth, or thinking of enhancing the security of your data?

Whatever your needs, at Yem PolyTechnics we offer fully tailored project management solutions to give your company the potential-realising technology it needs.

Starting with a consultation to examine your current technology circumstances and your wish list for developments, our experts can develop a customised plan that delivers on your goals and objectives whatever your industry or business size.

And it goes without saying that all our solutions are cost effective and come with the follow-up support you need to make them work well into the future.


Need a specialist?

Were here to help.

Our team have over 20 years of experience specialising in providing outstanding services to your specific problem.

Let our specialists be part of your team to reach your goal.

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