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Yem PolyTechnics

We believe the client experience is as important as the cloud solution or the software we create.

Yem PolyTechnics was founded in 2005 by Henson Yem, after noticing a lack of affordable, quality, easy to use web-based software being developed in Perth. Development companies were focusing on easy to use mobile apps and neglecting web apps. Web apps (databases) are often used by staff all day every day, so they should be just as easy to use and deserve the same focus.

The growth and easy reliable access to a high-speed internet connection have fueled the increased demand for bespoke customer focus solutions to peoples problems.

Today Yem PolyTechnics focus is on building the best apps possible using modern technologies and integrating them with other web and cloud-based ecosystems and web applications.

Creating software or providing a cloud solution that will revolutionise the way your organisation operates requires significant business experience and even more trust. At Yem PolyTechnics, we're committed to collaborating with you to build a strong relationship and gain deep understanding around the way your organisation works, so you have no doubt that we'll get the job done.

We've got a knack for managing difficult discussions and making sure you and your team are heard and respected. We respond with solutions that consider every opinion and option and are proactive in recommending new ideas that perhaps haven't been considered before.


We'll scope out your project from start to finish, presenting a roadmap showing how you can best leverage software to make your staff more effective. We look at key milestones and timeframes so you prioritise your spending on what will make the greatest impact, with continuous updates showing a breakdown of progress.


We know the brief is likely to evolve and expand along the way, and that's okay because we're a pretty flexible bunch. You'll know exactly what we are working on, why we're working on it, and how that increases your organisations' performance.

Our Purpose & Values

At the end of the day it all comes down to this.

We exist to make a difference through technology

Make a difference

Focus on the biggest problems right at the start and doing them well. Having a solid base makes everything else much easier.

Work smarter before harder

Ask questions. Don't follow processes for the sake of it - understand the context of every workflow so we can continue to improve.

Simple is beautiful

Good work takes into account everyone who might look at it in the future. Approachable and succinct solutions are normally the best.

Make it happen

Lead from the front, be the hub that makes things work, understand the end goal of your project, beyond where you fit.

Learn something new every day

Share your knowledge. If you learn something or find something useful for others, make sure your team members and clients know about it.

One team, one dream

We all work together; ownerships are assigned but responsibilities are shared.

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